Many of the Yemeni diaspora watch the news with heavy hearts. We see familiar streets, littered with rubble and bodies. The country has devolved into a shadow of what it was.


Like so many others, we get lost in conversation with our fellow Yemenis about our heartbreak for those suffering. Those that are suffering look like us and are related to us. We wonder, 'What made us so lucky to end up living in the States while our cousins suffered wars and destruction?' It dawns on us that like all blessings, it’s also a test. It boils down to one question:


How will we use our skills and opportunity to help?


Rise for Yemen is the product of that question. It’s an attempt to match skilled workers to problems in Yemen. It's research to learn more about the issues, the organizations helping in Yemen, and to learn how we can do more. 


On this site, you can read the articles, look through the organizations, follow us on Instagram, and sign up to volunteer. Email us and tell us your thoughts, questions, and ideas. What do YOU need to get involved? Let’s strive to do good with what we have been given. Together, let’s rise.




Dr. Ramzyeh Kaid

Esmahan Abdulla

Why we do it

Because we can do more.

We believe if we all do our part, we can make a positive change in Yemen.

what we do

Connect skilled volunteers with projects in Yemen.

how we do it

  • Learn about the challenges Yemenis face.

  • Contact organizations that work in Yemen.

  • Partner with organizations on projects.

Meet The Team

Esmahan Abdulla



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Esmahan Abdulla is a former IT executive and PMP with 15 years of experience helping operate and grow start-ups. She paused her career in 2019 to focus on growing her family and pursue passion projects.

Dr. Ramzyeh Kaid 



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Dr. Ramzyeh Kaid is a Family Medicine trained physician who completed her residency in 2013.  Since then, Dr. Kaid's main focus of practice has been Acute Care Medicine as a hospitalist and ER physician.

Dr. Kaid has participated in multiple medical missions around the world.

Yaman Ahmed



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Yaman Ahmed is a Research Assistant with Henry Ford Health System.


She moved to the USA from Yemen after the fourth grade. She travels back to visit family and friends and maintained close ties throughout her life. She uses that experience and knowledge to help with organizing projects and communicating with people on the ground.