Action Against Hunger

Category: Humanitarian

Headquarters: UK

Action Against Hunger is a global movement of people working towards a world without hunger. Action Against Hunger in the UK is part of that global organisation, which is made up of six sister organisations in the UK, France, USA, Spain, India and Canada.

Action Against Hunger enables people to provide for themselves, see their children grow up strong, and build prosperous communities.

* Information taken from Action Against Hunger website.

Women Holding Hands

Action Against Hunger Projects in Yemen

As of May 2020


Yemen Crisis

Location: Hajjah, Hodeida, Abyan, Lahj

Action Against Hunger has many efforts in various parts of Yemen. They have been operating since 2012. They treat malnutrition among children under five and their mothers, provide essential medical treatment, help with access to safe water, promoted good hygiene practices, etc.