David McAntony Gibson Foundation (GlobalMedic)

Category: Water Security

Headquarters: Ontario, CA

The David McAntony Gibson Foundation, which operates as GlobalMedic, is a registered Canadian charity. Their mandate is to save lives by providing short-term, rapid response in the wake of disasters and crises, both at home and abroad.

GlobalMedic was founded on Emergency Response. While they have run many non-emergency and capacity building programs, the majority of their work continues to be critical intervention in the wake of disaster and crisis.


* Information has been taken from the Global Medic website. 

Women Holding Hands

GlobalMedic Projects in Yemen

As of May 2020

Yemen Complex Emergency Response

Location: N/A

GlobalMedic has ongoing resopnses in Yemen since 2018. They coordinate with local partners to distribute water purification solution, hygiene items, oral rehydration salts, etc. Their efforts are primarily focused on water purification.