Mwatana for Human Rights

Category: Advocacy

Headquarters: Yemen

Mwatana is an independent Yemeni organization involved in defending human rights. Mwatana advocates for human rights through the verification and documentation of violations, provision of legal support to victims, lobbying, as well as awareness raising and capacity building.  In 2018, the Baldwin Award recognized their work. In the same year, the 10th International Hrant Dink Award was granted to Mwatana for informing the world about the status of human rights in Yemen and for struggling against rights violations in the country.

* Information above taken from the Mwatana website.

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Mwatana Projects in Yemen

As of May 2020


Location: N/A

The nature of Mwatana's work is to perform research, write articles and provide studies on violations in Yemen. Visit their site to review their work.