Category: Humanitarian

Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA

Oxfam provides grants and technical support to local organizations around the world. Together with these partners, they support long-term solutions that help poor communities grow nutritious food, access land and clean water, and obtain decent work and fair wages.

Local to global, Oxfam uses advocacy to tackle the systems, policies, and practices that keep people trapped in poverty. They take on inequality, climate justice, gender justice, and inequities in the food chain, and advocate for the basic human rights and dignity of survivors of conflicts and disasters. Oxfam challenges governments, multinational companies, international organizations, and other actors to use their vast power and influence to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable people.

Oxfam works with local people to lead humanitarian responses that provide immediate relief during conflicts and disasters, and to build resilience against future threats.

* Information above taken from the OXFAM website.

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OXFAM Relief Projects in Yemen

As of May 2020

Yemen Crisis

Location: N/A

OXFAM has several initiatives in Yemen including addressing COVID-19, supporting Yemeni entrepreneurs and farmers, attempting to prevent cholera, assisting with water purification, advocating for peace, and many other initiatives.