Re:Coded Mentorship Project

Rise for Yemen joined forces with Re:Coded - Sana'a to mentor 20 promising coding students in the Fall of 2020.

 Organization Summary

Re:Coded is a  non-profit that aims to empower youth in the Middle East and Africa through providing technical skills to position youth in today's technology-driven economy.

Project Details

Start Date: September 12, 2020

End Date: December 1, 2020

Number of mentors: 27

Number of mentees: 21

Project Summary

Re:Coded was seeking to supplement its bootcamp program with mentors and a speaker series. The goal of the program was to provide career guidance, encouragement, resume review, bio reviews, and mock interview experience.

The Results


Volunteers Recruited


Mentor satisfaction with mentee pairing


Speaker Sessions


Mohamed Alaoudi, Program Manager

"Wioth Rise for Yemen help, our impact is stronger, larger and better. RFY has providing our students with a value money can't buy..."

Adham Albarati, Mentor

"Making a positive impact on someone's life is a great privilege. Through the RFY Mentorship project, all it takes is a phone call every other week to offer some guidance and support to a mentee..."

Asma Kolaib, Cohort Student

"It is a fantastic way to gain insight into where your career may lead. A relationship with a mentor has helped me challenge myself, to improve and grow..."

Case Study

We learned a lot from this first mentorship project in Yemen. We hope you can benefit from the lessons we learned too! Feel free to download the case study and let us know if you have any questions.