Too Young to Wed (TYTW)

Category: Humanitarian

Headquarters: NY, USA

Too Young to Wed traces its official launch back to October 11, 2012 - the first International Day of the Girl Child. Dignitaries from around the world gathered at the United Nations in New York City that day and, surrounded by photographs of child brides as young as five, pledged to do whatever it took to end child marriage. Too Young to Wed's mission is to empower girls and end child marriage globally.

They envision a world where:

  • Every girl can decide for herself, if, when and to whom she will marry; 

  • Girls are free to be children and teens, with access to gender-specific healthcare and all levels of education;

  • All girls are free to determine the course of their own lives.

*Information taken from the TYTW website.

Women Holding Hands

TYTW Projects in Yemen

As of May 2020

Emergency COVID-19 Health and Safety Initiative

Location: N/A

TYTW is working on providing hygiene kits with printed educational measures about virus containment. They are also helping child marriage survivors after the shelter closures. TYTW is supplying families with emergency food and fresh water.