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Yemen Aid Leadership Program

Yemen Aid and Rise for Yemen partnered to provide a Leadership Program in Yemen.  The goal was to pair the next generation of leaders in Yemen with mentors from all over the world. The program provided speakers to supplement the mentor's work. Mentors helped cultivate the student's ideas and explore solutions to problems in Yemen. The students had the option to propose a project that will benefit Yemen. Yemen Aid will select practical, feasible ideas and provide that student (or students) with a paid internship. Students were not required to provide a proposal to engage in the program.

Project Goals
  • Test the feasibility of a mentorship program in Yemen.

  • Uncover potential challenges to the program.

  • Achieve positive feedback on surveys.

Organization Summary

Yemen Aid has been advocating for Yemen and providing humanitarian relief since 2016. Yemen Aid understands the needs of Yemen are complex and vary from province to province. They are experts on the situation on the ground.

Yemen Aid’s mission is to enable every Yemeni to be self-sufficient and to have access to clean water, healthcare, education, and economic opportunities.

Project Details

Start Date: June 1, 2021 

End Date: September 30, 2021

Number of volunteers: 14

Number of mentees: 10


Simmi Goomer - Mentor

“It was my pleasure to support and mentor a young adult professional in Yemen this summer... Opportunities like this remind me of just how much I have to gain from connecting with young adults, no matter where they live. Thank you to Yemen Aid and Rise for Yemen for making this a reality.

Dania Saeed - Mentee

“I have hopes for Yemen to be better in the near future, because I believe that if we - the citizens - really wish to do something we will do it, and Yemen will rise up again by collective support.

Ebrahim Nasher - Mentor

“Mentorship is one of the best-kept secrets that could truly transform your life. And it doesn’t cost anything. Next time you see someone who inspires you, simply ask them, “Will you be my mentor?

Start Up incubator

Create a space that serves mainly as a place where ideas can be turned into sustainable businesses. It should also offer facilities and services where people can come together to meet, learn and grow their digital skills and businesses.

- Mohamed Al-Alas

Student Project Ideas

Helper 1

Create a platform to make it easier to locate and hire craftsmen. This is especially critical since the war has created many single mom households.
- Dania Saeed


Projects Bank

Provide preliminary oral tests and provide community-based awareness about dental issues. Being mobile allows services to be more accessible to everyone.
- Lamia Salem


Case Study

We believe strongly in openly sharing information. See the case study and let us know if you have questions for your own mentorship programs in Yemen. Let us know if you have any questions.