Youth for Homeland (YFH)

Category: Humanitarian

Headquarters: Sana'a,  Yemen

YFH is officially registered as a non-profit organization in Yemen since 2014. The organization is especially committed to develop the community and humanitarian emergency response. Their main objectives are:

  • Working on economic and infrastructure development and humanitarian emergency response.

  • Training and rehabilitation of young people in the economic aspects to reduce unemployment.

  • Encourage creative ideas and promote them.

  • Activate the role of youth in the implementation of development projects.

*Information taken from the YFH website.

Women Holding Hands

Youth for Homeland Relief Projects in Yemen

As of May 2020

Multiple Projects

Location: Various 

You can find all of the past projects for YFH on their website (see the link below). Among their projects, they help with water security, youth empowerment, food assistance, medical relief and economic empowerment.